Georgia in June

June 12-15th, 2019. Four days in Georgia.

We bought a house! Two years has flown by! It’s time to settle back down into a Sticks and Bricks.


We bought a house online with our amazing friend and realtor, Anya Dupree. She went over to this house a few times, taking video, FaceTiming and meeting family and friends over there to help us make the decision. She went above and beyond with grace.

Buying a house without ever actually walking through it isn’t as difficult as it sounds. With today’s technology, a fantastic realtor, a great home inspector and knowing the neighborhood helps!

It is right around the corner from our old house we sold 2 years ago when we set out on this adventure.

We love the Cape Cod style home. It reminds me of the house my Dad built us growing up in Maryland. We are super excited about having a pool and hot tub in our back yard!

We flew in Tuesday night and spent the night with my mother in law, Francey and then Wednesday closed on it.

Anya and Francey loaned us air mattresses, sheets, blankets and pillows so we could sleep in our new house for the next couple of days. I set up Target and Walmart pick up orders so I could stock the house with the essentials.

We spend the next few days in the house, meeting with contractors because of some updates we want to do to the house while we are gone. We will have 2 months before we move in to complete all the projects. The projects include; taking down two walls, replacing all carpet with hardwoods, renovating the master bathroom, building a fireplace, remodeling the kitchen island, remodeling two built-ins and changing out the balusters.

We also set up lawn and pool maintence for two months while we are gone.

While I was getting all that setup the girls had fun with friends. Pool time, fishing, and sleepovers. Wow, did that recharge them.

Before we left, Chris made them promise to come back to the RV. He knew they would want to stay after this trip.

Sweet friends that stand the test of time!

Francey hung out with us and celebrated the girls birthdays:)

We will return in 2 months!

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