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Odd Old Town

We are in southern California! We went to Old Town San Diego, it was the first settlement in California. This is a State park. We went to most of the buildings at Old Town, some of them were reconstructed so we didn’t get to see the original.


We ate lunch at Fred’s Mexican restaurant, it was so bright and happy and the food was amazing! I would rate it as one of the best Mexican places! I wanted two tacos but the kids meal only came with one with a churro and a drink for only five dollars! I asked if I could have two tacos with the special deal and she said yes! Guess what, they only charged us one dollar for the extra taco! Wow! 🙂 Mommy got a burrito and they asked if she wanted it wet or dry? What? The wet is with two different kinds of sauce on either side of it, and the dry is your everyday burrito, that you pick up with your hands and eat it. Who know? Mommy got the wet to try something new and she loved it. It was as big as her face! She couldn’t even eat it all! Mackenzie had a Quesadilla. What a surprise! Not. She didn’t eat it all so I had the last one. It was so good. Daddy had to work so he didn’t come with us :). The sauce and beans were so good! It was all great! If you go to San Diego, CA, go there to eat :).


The reason this short little blog post is called odd old town is because of the Whaley house, it is suppose to have ghosts. I thought I felt one tap my shoulder but that could be my imagination. It is the most haunted house in America because it has so much energy from ghosts! My heart was racing faster, and faster because of all the energy! All of the workers there were dressed up like people when they settled here. It was so cool! I love Old Town!


Awesome Arizona

Merry Christmas! The stores are decorated and I’m sure your house is decorated by now. We went to a science museum, called The Arizona science museum. A very crafty name for a museum in Arizona. JK ( just kidding ) it is not a very crafty name at all, unlike the Doseum Science musuem in San Antonio, TX. The science was so cool; we went in a room and it was all about the brain and body parts! There was a stomach and when you went in it, it gurgled or made a funky sound. Then it had a slide that slid you out and it too would make noise.hehe





Then we went in to a room that was the best. It had tug-a-war, flying balls with air, try to get the pool table ball through the metal holes, and the best game was the human knot. You tie a little knot and put your wrists through some holes in the rope and try to untangle yourself, we had to do it with boys! Why could I not do it with Mackenzie! We never figured out how to so we were stuck together! The lady finally showed us how to, and we were FREE! Yay 😉 . It was so much fun, I loved it. If you ever come to Phoenix, Arizona go there!



We also went to the Heard museum and it was awesome! It has a lot of Native American art and tribal stuff. It was cool and fun we took lots of pictures for you.



We went to the Grand Canyon! It was the most beautiful thing I have never seen in my whole life. Here are some facts about the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon has been a N.P since 1919, that is 98 years! Thats a long time. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, which is 1,463,000 feet long or 4,876.67 football fields and up to 18 miles wide. The Grand Canyon is divided into the North Rim, the South Rim, the West rim, and the East rim. The South rim is open all year round even on holidays, so you could come and open presents on Christmas over the south rim of the Canyon! The North rim is closed in the winter. They are vistor centerin the North and South rim. . The Grand Canyon formed because the Colorado river shaped and eroded the Canyon to what we see today, and it is still forming.



Nice New Mexico

In New Mexico, we went to White sands and went sliding, it was so much fun. We bought circular sleds that were tie dyed! And the sand was kind of cold in the shade. You should go there one day. It was so much like snow! I loved it! Let it snow, or let it sand! Hehe. The sand on White sands is not like beach sand at all its from Gypsum rock!















Grandma Francey came for Thanksgiving and we had so much fun with her. She brought lot of books and toys for early Christmas presents! Thank you again Grandma! I have read a lot of them so far. Mostly, the Carol Marsh real kids real places  mystery books, they are one of my favorite series. I recommend you read them. They are a little small but if you read all of them it might be as much reading a one Harry Potter book. We went to the movies to see Wonder. I read the book in fifth grade and Grandma read it on the plane and Mackenzie read it when Grandma got here. Thank you Ava for letting Mackenzie read and borrow your book. We also played Bocce ball; it was Grandma and daddy .Vs. Mommy, Mackenzie and me. The “M” team.Hehe.




Thank you Arianna for your letter. You’re so kind, it made my day! I hope I get more letters. Thank you! 🙂

I also got my bike in New Mexico! I love my bike so much it is purple and black and you can change the gears on it! My first bike that you can change the gears! Yay! 🙂 My old pink and purple bike was broken and is now in Good Will. 😦

My new bike!!!!! 🙂

We have gone shopping and donating a lot. My THREE drawers will refuse to close!

I hope I will have fun in Arizona. Bye!

Terrific Texas 

Sorry I have not blogged very often, I have had so much fun!

In Texas, we also went to the Alamo and a lot of other Missions.The Missions were so cool, it is like a village with walls all around it to protect the Spanish from the Apache and Comanche Indians. Yes, I did say Spanish. Spain took over Texas because they said they could cure their viruses, really, they just needed someone to build their Missions for them and to take over the land to look for gold. The Missions were worn down so most of what you see in the pictures is all built back up or just left to see and not touch. There are five Missions (Concepción, San José, San Juan, Espada and the most famous the Alamo) the Spanish finely decided that there was no gold and left. Then Mexico earned it independence from Spain and came across the Rio Grande river and wanted Texas! Well they can’t have any part of it! They were going to name it The united states of Mexico, seriously thats just coping us! Texas fought at the battle of the Alamo, all the men died very sad 😦 . Then the Texans went over to Mexico and Attacked while the Mexicans where taking a siesta (a nap) and the Spanish were not ready for the fight because they were taking a siesta so it only lasted 18 minutes! It is one of the quickest battles in history. Who won, Texas won! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Texas is the only state in the U.S.A to be its only country. Texas was its on country for only 9 months! Texas wanted to come into the U.S.A, so we let them.




The stars in Texas were so pretty we could see a million more stars than in Georgia. Ya’ll should come and visit Big Bend Texas to see the stars and to see the Rio Grande.


The Rio Grande is the only river to start to go down south then go up at what we call the big bend. Big bend was so cool and the Rio Grande felt so cool ( cold and Cool)! We went over to Mexico across the Rio Grande. We rode on a donkey over to the town called Boquillas. We had real Tacos! Mackenzie and I had our first Coca Cola I hope we can have it again, it was good! I will post about New Mexico soon! Bye!



St. Augustine Adventure

Hi, this is Abby and this blog post is all from my perspective. I love that you are reading the blog, my mom has done a great job of keeping you reading. Ok, it all started with us driving to St. Augustine. It’s the first settlement of the U.S.A, which was 42 years before Jamestown, VA. While driving we had the slides in so it was very squished in the R.V. I was playing on Minecraft with my sister Mackenzie and we were building a huge R.V. I think it was like a 50-foot R.V which to say is impossible because the largest R.V is 45 feet. Our R.V is a 43 foot, still pretty big compared to most motorhomes.

On September 3rd , we got to go see the oldest schoolhouse in America. It looked like it was about to collapse but it never did. That same day, me and my family went to see the world’s largest pirate museum and we went on a treasure hunt to get a little fake gem. I picked a blue one, my favorite color😀! Then we went to the Castillo de San Marcos (Castillo is Spanish for Fort). That was so fun! We saw some soldiers shoot canons but don’t worry they had no cannon balls in them so they shot air, it was still pretty loud even with my ears plugged!



On Labor Day, we had an awesome tour of Flagler College. I don’t know about you but I think that it is the prettiest college I have ever seen! I think I might go there or the University of (Awesomeness!) Florida! Go Gators🐊! Flagler College was originally Hotel Ponce de Leon, they changed it when Henry Flagler died. He gave the Hotel Ponce de Leon to the city of St. Augustine. Some tourists wanted to take a wrecking ball to the non-used building so the city made it an all girls college in 1968. Now it does let boys go there but for every three girls there is one boys hehe😜 . Then we went to the beach with our cousins Zachery, Luke, Claire, and Audrey and Aunt Kimmie We had such a good time with them!



The next day (the 5th ) me and my cousins went to the oldest house still standing in America (see in picture below).



It was built by the Spanish and the Timucua Indians, the Timucua Indians knew what plants to eat and what wood to use. The Spanish had a healthy life style. Our tour guide told us that when the English came they kicked out the Indians and Spanish so the English had no idea how to survive on their own. So, you can imagine that they had a very short life span. She was very nice and informative. Right after that, we walked on the first street ever built (Aviles) and Mackenzie, Claire, Audrey, and Zachery were catching lizards, and me and Luke were trying to see if we could jump across the street, after a while Zachery joined us.


Next we all went to the beach, I got to try paddle boarding, it was so much fun!!! Kenzie and I had so much fun that we decided to try to do it together, and I can tell you… we did not succeed 😜. The waves where huge, I mean huge like 6 feet tall! We brought our new boggy boards so we boggy boarded the waves and it was so much fun with our cousins! I had a great time in St. Augustine, and that’s not even the end! After the beach we went to the pool and had a splash! Hehe see what I did there? Hehe, I switched “had a blast” to “had a splash” because we splashed around in the pool! Hehe. After I went to sleep and woke up, I had another great day!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We went to the Lightner museum. Mr. Lightner’s collection inspired me so much, I got the idea to start a museum full of button art! The museum had so many buttons in the hallway of the Lightner museum.  Mr. Lightner collected everything from furniture to matchboxes and BUTTONS! A lot of buttons. As we were leaving, it just so happened that we walk right into the mayor! Her name is Nancy Shaver.



After we went to the Lightner museum and met the mayor, we evacuated from St. Augustine to escape Irma (hurricane). There wasn’t much traffic since we left when my dad said we should. It was a quick trip to Ashburn, Georgia. We had to say good bye to our cousins at this really bad Mexican place that didn’t have hard shell tacos 😕?????? What???? I did not want to say good bye, I had so much fun! Hopefully we will get to see them again on our trip and I hope to see you too🙂! Bye! I will post soon.

Extra photos



We all had the best ice cream ever at St. Grorge street, next to the oldest school house. The pirate museum. So FUN!!!!!

By: Abby Adams 🙂 😉 😀 

26 thoughts on “Abby’s blog”

  1. Wow Abby- your blog posts are awesome. You are learning so much and having a blast doing it. Love the videos of sand sliding. Looks like a blast. Keep blogging! ❤️ Gaye Lantis

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Abby! Thank you for keeping us updated on what you and your family are doing! Let me just say…your mom and dad are pretty cool to take TWO YEARS OFF of life (sort of) to do this with you girls!!! What an Amazing experience that you will remember forever! Your blog sure makes me want to go to all the places you’ve been so far!!!
    💗Ms. Erin

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Abby- wow, it sure seems you all are keeping busy! Thanks for the book recommendations. I may get them for one of my kids! I love to read too! You are a really good writer and I am enjoying your blog. It keeps me interested and that is very cool! Have fun in Arizona!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the books so much! Thank you so much. I want to become a writer when I grow up! 😄 I am having fun in Arizona, we are in Phoenix.


  4. Hey Abby I loved watching the white sand sledding and the star gazing you did in Big Ben. We got snowed in at the mountains this past weekend with 10” of snow so you can imagine Z,L,C&A had a blast sledding all day on Saturday. We miss you and look forward to hearing more about your adventures. I am so excited that you all are getting to explore more of the world then most people get to see in a lifetime. I am sure you can see all of God’s amazing beauty in His creation everywhere you go. Just image this if you where the only person on planet earth he still would have created all this beauty for you because Jesus loves you that much. Enjoy each adventure and have fun on that new bike! Love ya -uncle joshy

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  5. Well, I think I should call you Ms. Adams! I hear you are being considered as a Jr. Travel Writer for National Geographic. Your adventures are so exciting because you write in detail in what and where you have been. In three months you have seen and experienced things I’ve never known!

    Let’s take the sand sledding, who knew?! It looks just like Panama City Beach, except you can’t jump in the ocean afterwards. Oh wait, out there it would be too cool to sled into a man made lake…….fun fun! Love those sleds!

    Your trip across the Rio Grande was interesting! Those burrows are about speed…….slow and easy, I’d probably try one of those! So I understand you have your passport stamped……… I have been to Mexico 20 times and I’ve never been stamped……that’s cool. Canada is next, right?!

    I love your new bike….it has your name written all over it! I know you’ve been practicing with those gears, so much fun!
    I just want you to know how proud I am of you. You are learning more and more each and everyday…….and you retain and explain in a way Grammy understands!

    I’m so very glad you had a fun Thanksgiving. I’m glad you had Grandma to share it with! Sounds like you’ve done some shopping. Are you growing out of clothes , donating them and buying new ones? I liked hearing about the Christmas donations you made. It is said it is better to give than to receive. Basically it means you get joy from making someone else happy.

    Ok, so I miss you like crazy! I know you’re out there where there’s a whole lot of visible stars. When I think of you I look up and I know you are looking at the same stars. Ask Mama to play the song “Somewhere out there”……… that’s what I’ll be thinking when im thinking about you and saying my prayers at night.

    Abbs, Keep on blogging……..Jesus loves you and Grammy does too!!!! Big ol’ Hugs and Kisses😘💋🌮👩‍🏫🙏💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Grammy, I loved to read the comment, it was so nice. I will be sure to post another blog post soon. I love you! ❤️🎅🏻 🤶🏻 love Abby


  6. Abby abby abby!! Just now getting a chance to comment! Love your writings of your fun adventures!! Keep up the writings! We love reading them!! We love you tons!
    Love and blessings, Kate

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  7. Hi Abby, I enjoyed reading your blogs and hearing about all the exciting places you are visiting. You have seen and done more in three months than most people do in a life time.

    You are encouraging people to get out and do things! We don’t have to travel very far in our beautiful country to experience amazing sites and learn new stuff.

    Keep up blogging and I hope to see you soon!

    Grandpa says “HI! We love and miss you, Kenzie and your parents!”

    Love you,
    Grandma Karen

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad to hear you enjoy my blogs. I am so glad I get to see all of these amazing places, just wish you where here to experience them as well. Love you too! ❤️
      Love, Abby


  8. Hi Abby!
    We miss you! You’re doing a great job with your blogging! Thank you for sharing your amazing journey with us!! We love and miss you all!!
    Love, Aunt Emily ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Hey Abby this is Ava Watkins. I miss you but it looks like your having a great time! 😃Tell McKenzie that I said your welcome for the Wonder book. Wasn’t the movie great I got to see it too! I will get with you soon! BYE!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Abby- I love your post on Old Town San Diego. My family has been there and we ate at Fred’s! I’ll have to text your mom a photo of us at Fred’s. I love reading about your travels.

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