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My three favorite things on this adventure [since my last post.]


This post is about my three favorite things on this adventure from Oregon until now. The three things are; my birthday in Seattle, Voodoo Donuts in Portland, and The Mall of America.

My birthday is one of my three favorite things, I mean whose isn’t? My tenth birthday was the day we went up the Space Needle, it was beautiful. I was able to lean up against the glass window and pretend I was flying. We saw a playground down below so we went there and played on it. There was a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream truck at the playground (good business) so Abby and I got ice cream; we both had chocolate chip cookie dough.



Since I am an all time donut lover, I loved Voodoo Donuts. I had a bubblegum donut. You won’t believe this… the icing tasted exactly like bubblegum! It also had a piece of bubblegum in the center of the donut!


Last, but definitely not least, The Mall Of America! The most awesome thing there was the amusement park. It was an indoor amusement park in the mall with; a flume ride, a straight down drop ride, a spinning swing ride, and my favorite ride… The Brain Surge. It’s a ride where you go in circles and spin upside down and all around. I was controlling it so Daddy’s face got red.


It has been a year since we took off in MF to see the country we are half way home, I can’t wait until October 14  and January because we are visiting family and friends in Acworth!

 My Three Favorite Things On Our American Adventure

Ten months ago it was final, we were going to experience something that not many people get to experience; traveling across the USA in a RV for two years. Three months after the decision was made, we sold our house and bought a RV that we named The Millennium Falcon. Then we set of on the road and started our adventure that we call the Adams American Adventure. We have been on the road for about six months, it has been amazing! Now I am going to tell you my three favorite events on this adventure; one is in Cape Canaveral, FL, one is in the Grand Canyon, AZ, and one is in Oahu, HI.

The first one I’m going to discuss is Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, FL. I liked Kennedy Space Center because my dream is to become an Astronaut and go to Mars. One thing I loved was an inside play area that had a simulation of a rocket taking off. Another thing, I enjoyed was the life size rocket garden that you could walk around with pods that you could get inside and take pictures. Another cool thing was that we got to meet John McBride, a REAL astronaut!

Secondly, one of my favorite things on this adventure was the Grand Canyon. It was the most beautiful thing on earth. When you saw the sun shining on it, it looked like a rainbow! We went in the winter so it was cold, but not snowing. We also hiked a little bit of Bright Angel Trail, but it is so long that you have to camp at the bottom, which you need a permit for.

The third favorite activity was in Oahu, HI where we got to go SURFING!!!!!! It was so much fun, Abby and I got it on the first time! It was so cool. The water wasn’t very cold at all. We went surfing on the same beach where Hunger Games was filmed. The beach was called Hidden Beach.IMG_8323

I have a year and a half left on this adventure. We have visited 11 states so far. Here is the list; Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Hawaii, and Oregon. I hope that you are inspired to go to these amazing places and experience these activities that I have experienced.


Universal Orlando VS. Universal Hollywood

I am going to tell you some differences between Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood from the point of view of a 9 year old
What I liked best about Universal Orlando was that it had more food places to eat. Specifically, above the dinosaur lab, you could eat lunch after you played downstairs, so it was really kid friendly! I really liked Universal Hollywood because it was much easier to get around. Universal Orlando is 108 acres but we also bought tickets to Islands of Adventures which is 101 more acres so we had to go to each park so it took longer to get to each ride. Universal Hollywood is 415 acres but that includes the Backlot Studios which is 185 and Sound Stages which is 230. To get to that section you had to ride a tram for an hour. So there was less walking. Also, Hollywood has these awesome stunt shows. The one that I really liked was Water World. The story is about the world after the polar ice caps have melted covering the earth in water. There is a legend of dry land and no explorer has ever come back from the search of it until now.
I did not like that Universal Orlando’s Raptor encounter because it was hidden, but Universal Hollywood’s Raptor encounter was out in the open. Also you had to be 54 inches to ride most of the rides in Universal Orlando because it had more rollercoasters. I was disappointed that Universal Hollywood did not have the Hogwarts train ride. They also did not have Dueling Dragons.
I found some odd differences that I would like to note. Universal Orlando has a transparent popcorn bucket, but Universal Hollywood has an opaque popcorn bucket. Universal Hollywood was on a hill so there was escalators, Universal Orlando did not have escalators.
Over all I think that I liked Universal studios Hollywood better because it had the amazing stunt shows and really good actors. Also I want to be a Director and this park is all about movie making.


LA cupcake ATM at Sprinkles



St. Augustine, FL

Hi, this is Mackenzie. 😊 I am going to talk about the time we spent in St. Augustine, FL. It took a whole day to drive to St. Augustine Compass RV park. Our cousins (Zachary, Luke, Claire, and Audrey) and our Aunt Kimmie visited us. Aunt Kimmie was our first sleepover guest 😉 (me and Abby stole her plush plush blanket).

On the first day, we went to the oldest schoolhouse. Then, we went to the pirate museum and also saw the Spanish fort, Castillo de San Marcos, where we saw a demo of a canon being shot off! This all happened on September 3rd!


On September 4th, we saw Flagler college. Did you know it once was a hotel called Ponce de Leon? After that we went to the pool with our cousins, then I went stand up paddle boarding for the first time! I was able to stand right up and paddle all by myself! I was able to check this off my bucket list✅.


The next day, September 5th, we went to the oldest house museum. After that, we walked the oldest street, it was called Aviles. That’s a Spanish name. It was named after a Florida governor Pedro Menendez Aviles. To end the day, we went to the beach and pool with our cousins again. It was so fun!


On September 6th, we went to Lightner museum, where we found more painted rocks outside and we met the mayor of St. Augustine, Nancy Shaver. She was on the news telling everyone to evacuate. We were in the background. She introduced herself afterward.


We left right after that becasue we had to evacuate Florida. We drove to Ashburn, GA. It was a loooong drive.


9 thoughts on “Mackenzie’s blog

  1. yellowfarmhouse99

    Hi Mackenzie!
    We’re so glad you are getting this experience of a lifetime!! It’s so exciting to hear all about your adventures and see the amazing pictures along your journey!! We love and miss you all!!!
    Much love, Aunt Emily

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  2. Ava Watkins

    Hey McKenzie, this is Ava. How are you? I miss you but it looks like you’ve had a great time. Did you know that we have snow right now!!! Tomorrow is my birthday too!!! I will have to FaceTime you soon! I’m hoping there’s no school tomorrow like today. What have you been up to other than what I read about. Have an extraordinary day!!! BYE

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  3. Gracie

    Hi Mackenzie!😊 It’s Gracie. Me and everyone in Ms. Miller’s class miss you! I can’t wait to see you in middle school! We will have to FaceTime sometime! Sophie, Leia, me,and Paige Schumacher miss you lots!☺️

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  5. Kate Daniell and crew

    Kenzie…loved your perspective on your comparison of Universal. I think my favorite little observance that you take about is about the popcorn buckets being opaque and transparent…ha! Hope the popcorn tasted the same…hee hee…love you sweet girl and miss y’all. Lots of love from GA!

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  7. The Risings

    Well written Kenzie. You are having such an amazing trip and it’s fun to follow along. Keep writing about your travels so you can relive them your whole life. It was fun to be a small part of your time on Maui. Can’t wait to keep following along.

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