St. Augustine, FL

Hi, this is Mackenzie. 😊 I am going to talk about the time in St. Augustine, FL. It took a whole day to drive to St. Augustine Compass RV park. Our cousins (Zachary, Luke, Claire, and Audrey) and our Aunt Kimmie visited us. Aunt Kimmie was our first sleepover guest πŸ˜‰ (me and Abby stole her plush plush blanket).

On the first day, we went to the oldest schoolhouse. Then, we went to the pirate museum and also saw the Spanish fort Castillo de San Marcos where we saw a demo of a canon being shot off! This all happened on September 3rd!

On September 4th we saw Flagler college. Did you know it once was a hotel called Ponce de Leon? After that we went to the pool with our cousins, then I went stand up paddle boarding for the first time! I was able to stand right up and paddle all by myself! I was able to check this off my bucket listβœ….
The next day, September 5th we went to the oldest house museum. After that, we walked the oldest street it was called Aviles. That’s a Spanish name, it was named after a Florida governor Pedro Menendez Aviles. To end the day, we went to the beach and pool with our cousins again. It was so fun!

September 6th we went to Lightener museum where we found more painted rocks and we met the mayor of St. Augustine, Nancy Shaver. She was on the news telling everyone to evacuate. We were in the background. She introduced herself afterward.
We left right after that becasue we had to evacuate Florida. We drove to Ashburn, GA. It was a loooong drive.