Home is where you park it

Our second home was at our dear friends house. We had planned to stay at Old Hwy 41 #3 Campground but we were kicked out. Well actually we never go to go in. Let me explain… We planned in advance and booked 14 days at McKinney and then we were going to move to Old Hwy 41 #3 and stay there for 14 days. Why 14 days? Because when we booked it on line it stated that maximum stay allowed was 14 days. We are rule followers and just booked 14 days at one and then 14 days at another. A few days before we were going to move a ranger called us and informed us (rudely) that they were canceling our reservation because the maximum on the entire corp of engineer property (all five of their campgrounds) was limited to 14 days total. The system let us register and did not state this rule.  When we explained that it was short notice and we probably wouldn’t be able to find anything available that quickly, no compassion was shown. So much for southern hospitality. We called around to all the parks within 30 miles of the girls school and found zero availability for our big rig for that amount of time. We called those dear friends I was telling you about and reserved campsite #1. The last two weeks at the Watkins Campground has been wonderful; Chats on the porch, dips in the pool, kids playing in the dirt and making slime. It’s been perfect!

It really doesn’t matter how big your house is, it’s where you park it that matters.


3 thoughts on “Home is where you park it

  1. Jennifer R

    I’m sure this is only the first bump in the road you’ll experience but that’s what an adventure is all about! I’m so excited to virtually travel with you and keep up with this journey! Keep on trucking Adams Family!


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