RV Unveiling

Today is a raining day here in Alabama, we are anxiously waiting the winds of IRMA to come through. The girls are working hard on their school work, Chris is on a business presentation call and I just made chocolate chip cookies for one of the families here at the campground that appears to be just tent camping and have Florida tags on their car.  We saw them hanging out in the covered pavilion on our morning walk. We thought cookies and milk might make them smile on this rainy day.

Several people that didn’t have a chance to stop by and visit us before we left Georgia have asked for pictures of the inside of our RV. Today is a great day to post them.

Here is a video as well. This is our home for the next two years. A family of four living in less than 400 sq ft.









4 thoughts on “RV Unveiling

  1. Robin Miller

    Sounds like you are settling into a nice routine… if dodging a hurricane is routine. I can imagine the homey aroma of the fresh-baked cookies in your new home!

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