3 month nomadiversary


On the road again

Today marks our 3 month nomadiversary 

December 2, 2017 (drove out of Georgia on 9-2-2017)

Campsites: 16

Nights: 91

States: 8

Miles: 4,114

State capitals: 3 

Things we miss

Friends and Family

We miss some of the little things like; Garbage disposal, big kitchen and bathrooms, Publix’s roasted chicken and salsa (East coast grocery store), buying things in bulk to save money, being able to recycle, getting mail, hitting Golf balls, the girls miss their big beds and big yard.


Things we love about RV living/traveling 

Learning so much

Moving every week to a new spot, don’t get bored with the spot

Quick cleaning

No yard work

Freedom to make our plans and do what we want


Over scheduled lives

Getting to see new places

More Family Time

Spend more time outside

Only have what we need

Simple life







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