Alien Fresh Jerky and the World’s Largest Thermometer Baker, CA

Baker, CA


On our way from Death Valley to Palm Desert we stopped in a small town called Baker, CA so we could get close to Area 51. We looked up Area 51 and learned that we can’t actually get close to Area 51; legally. So instead of driving down a dirt road for an hour and possibly getting arrested, we decided to stop at Alien Fresh Jerky in Baker, CA. This was a cute novelty shop that sells really good jerky made from aliens from Area 51. Just kidding.

Chris even ran into Captain Kirk and Spock, they were a little pale- maybe they ate too much invisible jerky. Yes, they sell that too!

Baker is also home to The World’s Largest Thermometer!

This town is known as the Gateway to Death Valley, if you are traveling from California. We also ate at a Jack in the Box for the first time… interesting combo of items on the menu. Tacos or Hamburger or chicken nuggets ?

The gas prices in California are ridiculous! This is going to hurt the budget!

We loved seeing all the wind turbines. We last saw these in Texas but these fields seem to be much larger- maybe everything in Texas isn’t bigger.

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