Cheyenne, Wyoming

September 15-22, 2018 Our 24th state. We’ve been to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone but didn’t actually stay the night in Wyoming so this is our week to put our sticker on the map, in Cheyenne, WY.


We stayed at A. B. Camping RV park at 1503 W. College Dr in Cheyenne, WY. The sites are really tight but the owners are super nice and bonus they have an onsite BBQ restaurant with yummy ribs and brisket. It is a busy park with people coming and going often.


We had a mail call here so we were excited to get mail, especially our “boo” package from a mysterious friend back in Acworth.

Cheyenne has F.E.Warren Air Force Base (oldest continued active base in the Air Force), Wyoming Air Guard and the Army National Guard. The city hosts a huge 10 day event, Cheyenne Frontier Days, every year. It is known as the largest outdoor rodeo in the world. We had just missed this event.

Union Pacific Railroad

The Union Pacific Railroad  is a freight hauling railroad that operates 8,500 locomotives over 32,100 route-miles in 23 states west of Chicago and New Orleans. The Union Pacific Railroad system is the second largest in the United States and it is one of the world’s largest transportation companies. We saw the headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, it was neat to see the train everyday.



Capitol Building

Capitol Building is closed for renovations until mid 2019, so we didn’t get to visit the inside but we did get our Capitol “usie”. It’s the first renovation in the 130 year history.

Laramie County Library is the best library we have visited on a year! They were named Library of the Year in 2008 and one of the country’s top children’s libraries in 2012 and 2015. It’s three stores, has 400,000 items and 70 employees. They have self check out lanes, a robot to receive and sort the returns, free wifi, study rooms and a cafe. They allow you to eat any where in the library! Luckily this was the week we had ‘Mail Call’ so we had a piece of mail with our address on it so we could get library cards! IMG_6310With each library card, you get a free coffee/tea or snack at the cafe! We enjoyed using huge the study rooms this week.

They gave us a tour of the building upon getting new cards. The 2nd floor is all for kids, with distinct areas for toodlers and teens. The 3rd floor has views of the capitol building and the original tables that were in the Carnigie Library. We took Chris one night so he could see where we spent our week and he and Abby played chess while Mackenzie and I read magazines.


Chris played golf at the Cheyenne Country Club. It was the only one worth playing in Cheyenne.

We love volunteering in the communities we visit. This time we chose Meals on Wheels to reach out to. Mary responded quickly and we were able to pick up two routes on Thursday and Friday.

Botanical Gardens and Children’s Village

It’s located within Lions Park and has 9 acres of landscaped designs. It has a new Grand Conservatory with three levels. The Children’s village received the LEED platinum award, first in the nation to receive this award. They focus on teaching sustainability. Both the conservatory and the village are both free to anyone.

When it would rain here- they rain would evaporate before it hit the ground- such a bizarre site in the grey skies.

We visited Rocky Mountain National Park from here. See the next post on that.

Chris was able to get the old motor that was really stuck- out! Yay! The jacks are operational now!


We left Cheyenne to drive to Salt Lake City. Originally we planned to drive the full 9 hours but then we decided to split it up and stay in a Walmart parking overnight.

I dropped my phone and cracked the screen. Luckily AT&T has a mobile service and they were able to meet me at our next campground and did the repair on the picnic table!


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