Home for a month

January 12- February 10, 2019, Being on this adventure is truly an amazing educational and family bonding experience but with everything in life, there are sacrifices. We have missed our community terribly. We definitely filled every minute of this month to fill our social buckets.

We took a month off from our trip to catch up with family and friends. We parked the RV in the Watkins driveway “This here Clarke is an RV” and moved in with Chris’s mom so Chris could set up a proper office and the girls could have their own rooms. Notice our RV spot even made it on Apple Maps satellite from when we parked here in August 2017, right before we set out.





Abby hosted a dinner and game night with a group of girls from school at her grandmother’s house. They picked up right where they left off and had so much fun!




Mackenzie hosted a pizza and skate party at Sparkles with her old school friends.




I was super excited to be in town for the weekend of my annual girls trip. This year we decided to go to Charlotte, NC. Three of the girls in our group couldn’t make it so we met with two of them for breakfast on the way out of town at Chick-fil-A.IMG_0028

In Charlotte, we ate at Cowfish (try the cheeseburger sushi roll), Pinky’s (try the Triple G burger) and Bricktops. We may have or may not have had a few drinks before we had the best time escaping he Shipwreck room at Codescape.  We watched the total lunar eclipse (super blood wolf moon) while next to a fire from the hotel. We enjoyed outlet shopping and meeting Heather at Cupcakery (she won season 6 of cupcake wars). Icing on the cake…I ran into my BFF, Kristy, from middle school!








The girls and I traveled down to Panama City, FL to catch up with my grandmother, mom and step father. It has been a year and 3 months since we’ve seen the. We were so sad to see all the destruction from Hurricane Micheal. It has been 3 months since the storm and it looks like it just happened. It will take a long time to rebuild but they will rebuild. We donated clothes to an organization that provides free shopping for those victims in need. We tried volunteering around town but the only thing we could find required an age of 14 because it’s in rebuild stage. So we helped Mom and Don by cleaning up their yard.







All four of us took a trip up to Pigeon Forge, TN to visit my bother, his family and my sister. We rented the Fountain’s cabin so we could all truly get away and relax. We spent Friday night chilling. Saturday we were able to watch three of the four “cousins” play a basketball game. We all played football at a park on the way home. The kids spent the weekend playing games and my sister introduced us to the Quelf-SO FUN!!






So to say we were home for a month really isn’t true, we visited 4 states in this month, along with catching up with our friends and family in Georgia.

Family- Super Bowl party, helping frame walls, games, celebrating Christmas/birthdays, and a date night (first one in over a year!).





Friends- sleepovers, Menchies, hikes, birthday parties, karaoke night, dinners, games, 5th grade event, dance show, Tellus museum, and a Valentine’s party.





TBB Game Night




Amazingly this group of ladies were all free on a Monday night for dinner.  Two hours was not enough time to catch up!



We are officially moving back to Acworth in September so Anya spent several days taking us around to look at houses. We haven’t found anything yet but we have time so we are praying for the perfect house to pop up during the spring market.





We also each went to the dentist and did well check ups. Mackenzie had a busy month; she lost two teeth, had to do some physical therapy on her knee and got her first pair of glasses this month.




Not many pictures of Chris because he was working the whole time and hanging with his mom in the evenings while us social butterflies spread our wings.


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