The Seed

We came up with this crazy idea to sell our house, everything in it, buy an RV, and tour our great country! We plan to visit all 50 states over a two year period while Chris works and I home school our two daughters 9 and almost 11.

One day in the beginning of May 2017, while sitting at our kitchen table eating lunch together, Chris and I concocted this grand adventure. Chris half heartedly suggested we move out to the middle of nowhere, like Wyoming. I thought, well that’s a little drastic and would be a huge change! We’ve never even been to Wyoming, but I’m sure it’s a lot different than north Georgia. I sat and thought about what it would look like to have our world turned upside down and came back with “Why don’t we just move into an RV and travel the country!” And so the seed was planted that day.

We currently live in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. We live in a golf, swim & tennis community. We have a 5,200 sq ft house with a “white picket fence”- only kidding- it’s brown 🙂  I volunteer all my time at our public elementary school on the PTA and Foundation board. Chris works full time for an amazing company.  The girls are very involved with school and team sports. This idea is completely different from anything we have ever done. We’ve never even been inside an RV before!

We are the Adams Family. We are kooky!


11 thoughts on “The Seed

  1. Herbie Pearthree

    When you do Minnesota, txt me and I’ll send you the code so you can stay at the family cabin on the lake if you wish (summertime only of course) – Herbie Pear3


  2. Heather G Haley

    Wow Tina! I am in shock, but in awe of your brave decision to LIVE life to the fullest on your own terms!! I had a high school friend who had experienced something similar to this adventure with his parents, except they sold everything, bought a sailboat and sailed around the world for two years. His life lessons were incredible and so much more than any text books can teach. He was really interesting, humble and so well read. It has been a pleasure to know you and to teach your girls dance classes over the last decade! I wish you ALL THE BEST!! Love to you & yours! Give Abby & Mackenzie a hug for me! Love, Heather Haley

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