The seed has sprouted



Well the seed has sprouted.  Chris immediately began researching the ABC’s of RV’s… that is Class A’s, Class B’s, Class C’s, 5th wheels and travel trailers.  There is a lot to get schooled on. He has always been a strong researcher and can soak up all the information quickly, good thing because this idea is growing as fast as a Bermuda grass in late July down here in the south. We spent Memorial Day weekend visiting RV dealerships in our area.  We decided on a Class A motor home mainly because… well I can’t give up my Jeep Wrangler! Chris had just surprised me with a Jeep for my birthday in April and I’m not about to part with it. Jeep owners will understand. I’ve wanted one since I was 16!  It will be perfect for our adventures across America. We will tow the Jeep behind our Class A. We will sell his Armada.

AKA Rogue One

I immediately started searching for blogs and Facebook pages of RV owners and homeschoolers… guess what? There is a movement out there of people doing this exact thing!!  I subscribed to travel blogs and Facebook pages left and right. I ordered books on ‘road schooling’ YES! that’s a real thing also!

Our original plan was to launch in January. We thought 6 months was a reasonable amount of time to purge 5,200 square feet of house ‘stuff’, sell said house, buy an RV, design a road school curriculum and map out a traveling plan.  We told our family about this idea and they were all very supportive. I told a couple of friends, one of which is also a realtor; after wiping a tear off her cheek she said if we were going to sell the house instead of renting (which we explored for a minute) we needed to do it asap. We decided before July 1st would be best.

Keep in mind, we have NEVER owned or even driven an RV before! NEXT on the list, rent an RV for a week over July 4th holiday and see if we like it before we flip our world upside down exploring this crazy idea.

Rented RV from

Believe it or not, I did in fact get the house stage ready and cleaned up 3 weeks. Anya took great pictures and she put the sign in the yard on July 1st at 9am as we were driving to Fort McAllister for our July 4th vacation in a rented RV.  We prayed over the house that it would sell quickly and that we would love the RV experience. Be careful what you asked for people… the family, at the first showing at 2:00pm on Saturday, loved it and wrote up an offer. (The second showing did as well) So with two offers on the table and one night in the RV we suddenly realized this was happening for realz!  Luckily we loved the RV experience and e-signed the contract while  swinging from a hammock on a piece of driftwood on the beach in Jekyll Island. Rough life! I could get used to this! Oh wait, I get to..yep I just signed up for this gig..literally signed on the bottom line. Whoo hoo!!  Let’s get this party started!

Can you see me?

3 thoughts on “The seed has sprouted

  1. Debra Meadows

    Chad is not going to want me reading your blog, lol! Didn’t realize this roadschooling is a thing and possible. I do look forward to reading about your adventures! So so exciting 🤗


  2. Rona

    Thus is going to be a movie someday anf I’m going to be the first one to buy a ticket!!! We’ll be thinking of you all and wishing you a smooth and most of all happy and healthy road ahead♡♡♡♡

    Take care and dream big!!!!


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