Closing Day

We are officially in our RV and out of our sticks and bricks.  Let me bring you up to speed.
Our closing date was August 4, 2017. If you ever need a realtor, call Anya and Danny Dupree. They are amazing!! Email me for their information.
We got back from our July 4th vacation and started purging our house. We had to figure out how to get rid of all our stuff in one month. We made notes about what we wanted to keep and made arrangements with family to pick up the family heirlooms.
We didn’t want to rent a storage unit so we decided we could keep some things at Chris’s mom’s attic and closets (she lives fairly close). This isn’t your typical move. Normally you would just box it all up and figure it out at your new house, right?
Not this time, I have to figure out what will fit on the RV and what is truly important to keep in someones attic space. Pictures and books are really the only valuable things we decided we’d keep. As I was telling a friend this, she was sad to here that we would be selling the girls bedroom sets which were their cribs that converted into toddler beds then their full beds. My mother bought these sets for my girls when they were born. My amazing friend offered up her garage attic space to store these items. I teared up with emotion, realizing I too was sad to give these up. I took her up on the offer. She’s obviously not just any friend, she’s one of the best! It was emotional but in the end it was cleansing. All the things I thought I needed I really don’t. We had way too many clothes and toys and books and craft supplies and dishes and…. The list goes on.
Fast Forward… Family members picked up what they wanted, the buyers bought some things, we sold some things at a yard sale and donated the rest (4 donation truck loads)!
House is basically empty. Hopefully the pile we have for the RV will fit.
Update on RV, we found one we liked online but it was located in Minnesota. The dealership took us on a tour via FaceTime and we decided to buy it. Chris and Abby flew up on Friday July 28 to Minnesota, rented a car, drove 2 1/2 hours to the dealership, bought it, and started driving it back. It took 24 hrs, they stopped and slept Friday and Saturday night and arrived in our neighborhood on Sunday. We thought we’d be able to back it in to our driveway. We measured and all 43 feet would fit… trouble is our neighborhood streets are so narrow and we have a stone mailbox that was kinda in the way. We had set up Plan B if it didn’t fit with a Park-a-Toy place. The owner had given us his cell phone number to call him if we needed him to open the gate to park it. He wasn’t answering. Just as we were discussing the HOA rules of having an RV parked in front of the house, my awesome friend that is storing my bedroom sets asks how the trip was and if it fit. I explain to her the dilemma and she says, “Park it over here!” We truly are blessed to have this family in our lives! They saved the day! Turns out they have full hook ups at their house!! We quickly reserved Camp Site #1 😀 We were able to park it there all week while I took trips back and forth loading it up. This made ‘moving in’ simple! Did I mention they live less than a mile away?
Seriously, everything is just falling into place…it’s happening fast… but smoothly.
We love the RV! Chris enjoyed driving it. The one we rented was a gas engine, this one is diesel- so much nicer!
We closed on Friday and sleep in the RV in our friends driveway. We have moved to a campground on Allatoona Lake for the next two weeks.
School, here in Cobb County, started July 31st. The girls wanted to start public school mainly to see their friends;) Honestly, it was mostly because Abby was starting Middle school and REALLY wanted to experience the changing classes and locker thing. I also thought it was important socially. She’ll now  understand the world her friends talk about when they catch up.
I will withdrawal them from public school on August 31st and then we will start our adventure in St. Augustine, FL on September 1st. Let the roadschooling begin!
This time will also allow us to work out any kinks in the RV while still local 😉. I’ve enjoyed being local because I found I had more room that I first anticipated so I’ve been able to dig through a few boxes for things I thought I’d have to do without.

Wondering what these treasures are? My jean jacket, a few more books, 8×8 Pyrex dish for making brownies and my pampered chef salad chopper. 😬

8 thoughts on “Sold!

  1. Darlene Walther

    Awesome! Sounds like fun. The girls will learn so much and not even know it. Hope to see you when you make it to Maryland.


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