We had planned to stay in beautiful St. Augustine until September 13th but we are now in lovely Ashburn, GA! This is life is all about being flexible. When life gives you a Hurricane you drive out of town!


Currently, Hurricane IRMA is brewing in the Atlantic and is projected to hit the southern part of Florida by Friday. Yesterday morning, Chris made the call to leave by noon out of St. Augustine today.  It was a great call! I am very thankful for his wise protective nature. As soon as we made that decision, I booked a place with full hook ups in Ashburn, GA.  Why Ashburn? Because it should be out of the path of the storm but mainly because they have the world’s largest peanut monument! We arrived safely around 5:30pm with only one bump in the road. Our trailer tail lights on the Jeep fell off and broke. And the only reason we know that happened was because one of the wires was tangled around the tire pressure gauge on the Jeep. We have a really cool tire pressure sensor system that tells us the pressures at all times. Well when the wire was wrapped around the gauge it came loose and signaled to us inside the RV with a beeping sound. Chris pulled over the side of 95 and we discovered the problem. On a positive note, we made it all the way to GA without getting pulled over for not having trailer lights! This weekend we will find a Walmart and buy a new set. 

I got to drive the RV today!! For 5 whole minutes!! There was an accident so the traffic was at a stand still. Chris took this opportunity to use the bathroom so I sat in the drivers seat:) I moved forward maybe 150 yards. That counts right? When Chris returned I told him to have a seat in the passenger captain’s chair… he just laughed. He’s not ready for me to ‘really’ drive yet. 

Before we headed out of St. Augustine we packed in a few more historical sites. We visited the Oldest House Museum, walked down Aviles Street, and toured the Lightner museum (aka Hotel Alcazar). As we were heading out of the Lightner museum, we met the Mayor of St. Augustine, Nancy Shaver. Emily and I were trying to take a picture of all the kiddos before we said our good byes. We yelled for them to stand on this cute bridge in the middle of the plaza. As the words come out of our mouths we realize there is a camera crew interviewing someone. We felt terrible, we quickly captured the picture (had to zoom in to cut the camera crew out) and waited for them to finish interviewing so we could apologize. We listened to a lady explain the importance of staying safe and the need to evacuate. When they were finished, we apologized and we quickly found out she was the mayor. She was so great with the children. What a fantastic way to end our visit to such a neat city.   


Stay tuned for pics from our St. Augustine trip and of course that world famous peanut!

6 thoughts on “Evacuating

  1. Dana (Swatts) Kerigan

    I’m so loving reading about your adventure and I’m sorry I didn’t realize that you have been living in Atlanta before. I just moved back to Florida after 16 years in Atlanta. I can’t believe it’s been over 25 years since our Shipwreck Island days.
    Wishing you all the time of your lives!!


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