St. Augustine Pictures

We had a great day here in Ashburn, GA. We are staying at Wanee Lake RV resort. There is a golf course, pool and lots of friendly evacuees. We had a full day of road schooling today to catch up from our two long sight seeing days in St. Augustine. We ended the day enjoying the pool and then walked a few holes on the course before the sunset. Life is Good. We are safe.

Tomorrow we will road school and work again but will fit in a quick trip to see the Peanut monument. We will need to move again on Saturday because the projected winds for Sunday/Monday are over 60 mph. We will drive to Alabama.

Our original plan was to be in St. Augustine (with a day trip to Dayton) until the 13th, then Orlando ( day trip to Kennedy Space Center) until the 19th, then Fort Lauderdale until October 1st (with a 2 day trip to Key West, day trip up to West Palm and a 7 day cruise to Haiti, St. Thomas, and Puerto Rico). Then we were heading to Rainbow Springs (above Tampa) and then finishing up Florida in Panama City.

Montgomery was going to be our only stop in Alabama this loop around before heading west to Jackson, Mississippi. From Jackson we planned to visit Baton Rouge and New Orleans before heading to Texas. We planned to be in Texas for the whole month of November. December and January will be in California.

We actually have the entire two years mapped out but as we are discovering… weather plays a big part in what we do! IRMA to be more specific. Its crazy that one of the biggest and strongest hurricanes in history has decided to hit all of our Florida destinations right before we were headed to them. I’ll keep you posted on where we move to next but until then I will leave you with a collage of pics from St. Augustine. Enjoy!

We were so excited to spend time with our family in this amazing city.

My sister was our first overnight guest in the RV. fullsizeoutput_53c

5 thoughts on “St. Augustine Pictures

  1. Robin Miller

    Love all the pics, and appreciate all the work involved in these posts. Since you are heading west in coming months, I wanted to give you the name of the volcanic area I visited in New Mexico. It’s the Raton-Clayton volcanic field in extreme northeastern corner of the state. It’s remote but awesome to see.


      1. Herbie Pearthree

        If you’re in that area, IMHO it’s a must see. You can hike to the top of the old rim of the volcano (from the parking lot) and around the rim in less than a couple of hours – views are expansive. I took Scouts there on the way to Philmont Ranch and some of those fools jogged it. There’s a nice campground near Raton NM if you want to settle for the night. It’s on your way if you’re coming thru TX on I40 and cutting up to Colorado to see the Air Force Academy (the chapel is awesome). RV at the Garden of the Gods Campground in Colorado Springs and hike that too – it’s a really neat place.


  2. M Betts

    LOVE the pics!!!! St. Augustine is such a cool ‘old world’ town….the blue cobblestones were ship ballast, as I understand it, just like Puerto Rico. Glad you’re safe & glad you got to play a few holes! 😉

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