Why did we move three times in one week? Because IRMA was chasing us.

Wednesday, September 6th.

St. Augustine, FL

This was IRMA’s projection, notice the ‘M’? That’s us.


We left Wednesday and headed toward Tifton, GA- Ashburn, GA

Saturday, September 9th

This was the projected path, notice the ‘S’? That’s us.


We headed toward Montgomery, AL- Selma, AL

Sunday, September 10th.

This was the projected path. Notice the ‘S’? It followed us. We decided to stand in it’s path and wait.


Monday, September 11th.

We are safe. Rain and wind but we are safe. We have prayed for all that weren’t able to escape IRMA’s wrath.

We will head back to Florida tomorrow to pick up on our regularly scheduled program.

Tune in.

8 thoughts on “IRMA

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  2. Kim Knoppel

    another one- check!

    I’m well on my way to being caught up by the time I see you again!

    Glad you made it safely through hurricane season #1. Maybe the next few months be hurricane free!

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