Fort Lauderdale, FL

Monday, September 18th

We picked Chris up from the airport on Monday the 18th and headed to Fort Lauderdale. Our orginal RV park was damaged so we played the ‘phone an RV park and see if they’re open’ game again. We found one a little further from the beach and cruise terminal but we are happy to have a place to park it.

We arrived after hours so we headed straight back to our spot on E-7. We couldn’t fit. E-6 was wider and vacant so we decided to maneuver into that spot. We fit! But then chris plugged it in and there was no power. He spent 30 minutes trying to figure out why while I set up our new home. Our neighbor arrived home and told us they lost power today. Oh no!

We made an accord with him that neither of us would complain about the generator noise all night… because it South Florida and the low was 80 for the night. We needed ac.

After we got settled and in bed I decided to look out the window to see if anyone’s power had come on (because when you have the generator on you won’t know if the power comes on) and I was happy to see flanking yellow lights on a truck slowly driving around. I quickly ran outside to flag him down. We were worried about being in an unassigned site and running our generator at night.

I explained our situation and he explained that the power had gone out of the E through J circles. He had one spot over in D circle with power if we wanted to move. YES! We were so happy. So we packed it back up and moved it over one circle. The girls were a huge help gettimg it ready to move quickly. We are getting the hang of this.

I checked in the next day and we can stay in this spot until Friday then we have to move (I hope the power company can fix everything before then).

We are heading on a cruise Saturday so we need to have it plugged in to keep the refrigerator powered the whole week we are gone.

Speaking of cruise.. guess what’s happening in the Atlantic Ocean? Yep, Maria! A new hurricane is building. We have an eastern Caribbean cruise itinerary that was altered a bit because of IRMA. Change our itinerarys is our thing now.

Tuesday through Friday we spent working, roadschooling, going to the beach, visiting with Chris’s brother/family in West Palm and watching what Maria was doing.

It was so sad to see the distruction Maria caused in Puerto Rico.  Our prayers are with the entire island.

Saturday, September 23

We are departing on our Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas cruise today.  Our eastern Caribbean (st. Thomas, Puerto Rico and Haiti) trip plans were changed to a western Caribbean itinerary of Cozumel, Costo Maya and Nassau. We are excited to have a week of relaxing and  enjoying Chris being off of work! We know a few friends that will be on this cruise as well so hopefully we will run into them. You see this cruise was planned  and paid for a year ago when we were in public school and this was our ‘Fall Break’.  Hence why we started our adventure in Florida and couldn’t just head west when Irma started showing up on the radar.

I think that gets you all caught up. I’ll be back in a week and post our cruise adventure.

Our upcoming stops are : Orlando, FL, Panama City, FL, Biloxi, MS and then New Orleans, LA.

Stay tuned


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