Orlando, FL



New Magic Bands

The Disney’s Campsites at Fort Wilderness was worth the extra money. This may be the most expensive campground we stay at over the next two years but it also may the most fun. Chip and Dale would come out and light a fire for smores and sing camp fire songs every night. A ferry boat takes you over the the Magic Kingdom. We could watch the fireworks over Cinderella’s castle from the chairs on the beach. We rode our bikes to the pool and playground. And of course visiting the Disney parks in between all this fun is what makes it magical.


Since 2008, we have been visiting Disney World at least once a year. Chris’s parents passed down a timeshare with a fixed week in December to us when Mackenzie was a baby. We have always taken the girls out of school for a week for this family vacation. The parks are empty and beautifully decorated for Christmas the week we normally visit. We originally talked about not visiting for the next two years and just banking our weeks. But since we had to start our adventure in Florida because we had the ‘fall break’ cruise planned we decided to go ahead and squeeze in our annual Disney trip. Staying at the Fort Wilderness with the RV would be a new experience for us.

It was neat seeing the park decorated for fall and Halloween. This was a first for us.


A few more firsts: only the three of us exploring Disney means we have have to divide up differently on rides, splash mountain was closed, Abby drove by herself on the Tomorrowland speedway and at the end of it’s a small world the added monitors that wish you well and goodbye with your name displayed on them.

Normally we buy the 7 day pass and spend everyday at the parks. This time we only bought a 3 day pass ( so we could catch up on schooling) and Chris was only able to meet us at one of the parks for dinner. He came to Animal Kingdom to see the new Pandora world. Disney, as expected, did an amazing job representing Pandora from the movie Avatar. We went home and watch Avatar:)


This was from Epoct’s Mission Space ride. We miss you all!

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