Our 2 year trip itinerary

Here is a copy of our two year Adams American Adventure itinerary. It is definitely a fluid plan constantly changing because of weather, Chris’s work schedule, rv park availability, and changing priorities. People want to see our ‘map’ and how we are going to do this over two years… so here it is:)

Adams RV trip itinerary



4 thoughts on “Our 2 year trip itinerary

  1. Jill Matthews

    Oh honey!!! I’m so excited. Here in MO, we have spent the day at Blue Springs. So much fun… Super beautiful. The girls will love Eureka. Very pretty. Fun park… The water portion of the park may be closed due to time of year. In SD, we loved the state park. There is so much to do there. Make sure you book tickets to go to the top of Crazy Horse. We did not do this, Grace was a little young and I didn’t want to lose her down the mountain. I am sure you have done tons of research. Would love to answer any questions to have!


    1. AdamsAmericanAdventure

      Hi girl! Thank you for all the information! I haven’t done much research in that area. I pretty much do it a week before we visit, Ha! I will definitely contact you when we get closer. I just wrote down the note about Crazy horse tickets!


  2. Arianna Flynn

    Cool you will be in Hawaii on my birthday! And my 13th birthday you will be here!!! Enjoy the trip! (We were just fantasizing about seeing you in Niagara Falls…)

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