Biloxi, MS


We decided when we started this adventure that we would try to keep our driving down to 5-6 hours each time we moved. Biloxi, MS was a perfect spot to stop off of I-10 from Panama City to New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA. Mississippi made gambling legal in the early 1990’s so Chris and I had visited when we were in college to try our hand at gambling at the ripe age of 21. We haven’t been back since. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina badly damaged Biloxi but they recovered quickly. The Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis home, took a bad hit and took 9 years to restore.

My grandmother loves visiting the Beau Rivage casino hotel in Biloxi, so much so that she drives over about once a month and has done this for years! She decided since our time together in Panama City was so short that she would come visit us in Biloxi. My mom and step dad and she put us up in the Beau Rivage so we could all be together under one roof. When I say ‘put us up in’ I mean, they paid for our beautiful rooms, our food, gambling money and bought tickets to see Micheal Bolton in concert! We may not have won any money at the tables or slots but we hit the lottery with our family! It was quite a treat! IMG_2562

They even insisted on Chris having his own room so he could have 3 days of uninterrupted work time and the girls and I could school with out having to clean up our books everyday. It worked out perfect!

Chris and I also were able to go out on a date!! One thing we will miss on our American Adventure. My mom took the girls for a sleepover and what a sleepover party they had up in the suite! Pizza, shopping, games, movie, bubble baths. The girls have always loved baths and haven’t taken one since July!!  That sounds funny… they have taken a shower just not a bath. One of the things we miss on the RV. I took a nice long bath on our last night in the hotel as well:)

Chris and I walked over to the Half Shell Oyster House for dinner and then did a little gambling with play money mom gave us. She walked in to pick up the girls and handed me cash… I was like “I normally pay a babysitter to watch them on date night not get paid to take them, HA!”

We parked our RV in the oversized vehicle parking across the street from the hotel. It was monitored by security guards and we could see it from our rooms so we felt it was safe. It was the first time that we have left it unplugged. We had to empty the fridge and freezer. We were able to give some of the food away to our RV park neighbors in Florida and we had a mini fridge in our hotel room that we were able to store a few things in.. the essentials like ketchup and mustard- oh I mean milk and butter. Can you find it in the  picture?


You may have picked up the fact that my grandmother has VIP status at the Beau Rivage. One night, just she and I went out on the floor after dinner. She took me on a tour of all her winning slot machines. It was priceless (truly priceless for me at least- she gave me some playing money) to sit with her and play these oversized expensive arcade games.  I really got into it, I can see why she has so much fun.

She was able to score great seats at the concert. We had big swivel cushioned seats right next to the stage to watch Micheal Bolton. My mom taught the girls some of his songs the night before at the sleep over so they would be familiar with him at the concert. The girls loved it. This was there 3rd concert in their lives (they’ve seen Martina McBride and Kidz Bop). Towards the end, women started rushing the stage so my mom told the girls to join them and stand by the railing that was right in front of us so no one would block their view. When the concert was over Micheal Bolton walked over to the girls and shook their hands. They were so excited!

There are other things to do in Biloxi than gambling. The Beauvoir house, Biloxi lighthouse and tree carving memorial for lives lost in hurricane Katrina are all with in 5 miles of the Beau Rivage on Hwy 90.

The Biloxi Lighthouse

Biloxi Lighthouse

The only lighthouse in the middle of an interstate

Hurricane Katrina Tree Sculptures

This one is the largest eagle sculpture in the world standing 17 feet tall.

Eagle carving out of dead tree trunk

Jefferson Davis’ house- Beauvoir- “Beautiful View”

We had the best tour guide. We heard the entire history of the this old cotton planation house and it’s owners. It was also great for the girls to make connections with our story of the south. We have now seen where Confederate President Jefferson Davis was captured in Irwinville, GA, the first White House, where he lived for 4 months in Montgomery, AL and now where he last lived. He actually died in New Orleans.  The house construction was completed in 1852. There are many nostalgic pieces in the home. It’s amazing to hear about how things survived the Hurricanes Camille (1969) and Katrina (2005). The Jefferson Davis Presidential Library was built on property. We enjoyed exploring that and seeing the personal library and papers of Jefferson Davis. The  flag show in the picture was first originally hung at Beauvoir in 1908 but then lost in history until in 2007 it was found on eBay and brought back to this house.


We received our first mail in 6 weeks- yesterday a box of books from Chris’s mom, YAY and today Abby was beyond excited to receive a package from her bestie, Cruz!


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