Houston, TX


We drove from Baton Rouge to Houston, TX Saturday. It only took a few hours.

The roads on I-10 are horrible!! I was so nervous being in the front seat I had to move to the back with the girls. There are ton of refineries in Texas and we could see several on our drive. Hurricane Harvey had shut several down but these seem to up and running.

We stayed outside of Houston in a town called Baytown mainly because of all the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. The RV park we chose had recovered nicely. They had been under water and 30 motorhomes had been flooded along with the 12 cabins they have on site. They were still repairing those when we arrived but everything else looked great. We chose this one because it had a pool and playground hoping to find kids for the girls to play with but weren’t as lucky as we were the last park. The girls still loved to play in the pool and the playground.

We are going to come back through TX next winter so we decided not to do any sightseeing this go around. We have been non-stop since we rolled out on September 2nd so we needed a ‘chill’ week. This was the perfect time. We just schooled and worked Monday-Friday. Chris had a good work week with some promising accounts in the horizon. The girls are doing great with their school work. Abby even asked for more homework. I love watching them help each other think through problems. They are able to expand on a topic that interests them right then and there instead of the idea getting lost because of set school schedule. I am enjoying the flexibility we have with home schooling.

It was a little cooler the first day we were here so we made pumpkin bread:) The next day it warmed back up so we went swimming in a not heated pool.. it was freezing but they didn’t care! We played bocce ball, kick the can and ran laps for recess this week.

We have been to 5 states… 10% done!


A few weeks ago I left my mom with a box of stuff we didn’t need on the RV to store at her house and then today I took a bag to Goodwill. I love only having what we need with us.






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