Mail call

Care packages are the best and the people behind them are so special! Mrs. Ewers is truly one of the most thoughtful caring teachers. They broke the mold with this one, I tell you!

We are lucky to have her so involved in the girls lives! She’s come to swim meets and plays to support them and now she is supporting them on this adventure. We really miss her. Thank you Mrs. Ewers!!

Thank you Mrs. Purcell for sending Mackenzie’s art work, it turned out really well.  Abby was sad she missed out on doing that in middle school this year. They have enjoyed the pottery art app you showed them in class. They really miss you as well.

I didn’t realize how much they loved Storyworks and TFK until they opened up the package and jumped up and down when they saw them. I do know how much they love Sharpies (a love I share as well), they will be well used!

Thank you Jonah and Charlotte for taking the time to type a sweet note, Mackenzie felt so  loved!

We really do miss our amazing community in Acworth, GA.

It’s been nice staying in one place for 2 weeks so we can have mail sent to us!

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