San Antonio, TX and Fort Stockton, TX

We are staying at Traveler’s World RV Resort for two weeks. We haven’t done a two week stay yet and we are so excited! Since Saturday’s are normally moving days for us, Chris will have a whole weekend of exploring  and not driving. This is the clubhouse where we homeschooled this week when the temperatures dropped in the 60’s and was overcast.

We had a little issue with our Hot water and it turns out we had a bad circulation pump and it had to be replaced. We had a mobile tech come out to the camp site. We are thankful we had 2 weeks here so there was time to order the part and have it replaced. Just a little bump but we were stationary so it was easy and no big deal. And we have hot water again and  will have heat when it gets really cold!



Trick or Treating in an an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Halloween is a big deal in our old neighborhood. Everyone participated. There are so many children that the streets were lined with families dressed in their halloween costumes. This is the one holiday that was really about hanging with friends, so it comes as no surprise that it was difficult for all of us this year when we didn’t get to run around and socialize with our neighbors. The girls put on their halloween costumes and best smile and we went out in search of a treat or treating neighborhood similar to ours. Chris and I  usually dress up as well but we couldn’t get in to it this year. We used Zillow to help us find a good neighborhood. We were staying in the city so we had to drive 30 minutes north to get something similar to what we are used to. Well it didn’t work out. After driving around to find one that was not gated, we were disappointed to find a neighborhood that people just drive around and treat or treating a few houses and then jump back in their car to hit the next street. It was very different. After the first stop Abby said, “I miss my friends”.  We were all thinking it. Trick or treating is not about the candy, it’s about socializing with your friends. We did try to enjoy looking at Halloween decorations but again there are no Smith’s or Ryan’s out here in San Antonio so we were again reminded of how great our neighborhood was. After 30 minutes and 2 buckets full of candy we headed home. There may have been a tear or two running down chocolate filled cheeks.


In order to get to the Big Bend area we had to do an over night in Fort Stockton, TX

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