Organizing tips for an RV

Tiny living and organizing tricks go hand and hand. You have to get creative. Over the last 6 months we have moved things around and finally feel like we like how everything is arranged and tucked in it’s own special place.

We can’t really buy anything new unless it’s a necessity and we know where we are going to store it. We collect small souvenirs: I collect spoons and national park maps, Abby collects keychains, Mackenzie collects magnets and Chris collects debt… only kidding. He’s not a souvenir collector guy. When we buy new clothes we have to get rid of some; we are big fans of shopping and donating to local thrift stores. We definitely obey the one in one out rule. If you struggle with feeling overwhelmed with all the ‘stuff’ you have, this is a great rule to adopt to start you in the right direction.

Here are a few things I thought I’d share with those who are wanting to go full time living in an RV but aren’t sure how they can do it without giving up to much of their favorite things. We wanted to fit as many recreational things we could so we could have fun exploring while we travel.

I consolidated my kitchen appliances down to an instant pot, 2 sauté pans, 1 saucepan, a toaster and a Cuisinart griddler. I do have a large stock pot for seafood boils, I store that in the cabinet above the couch and put my camera case in it so it’s not taking up any more space. It fits perfectly in there. I use clear plastic cereal containers to store my canned goods in- I can fit five in each one. Those weigh a lot so they are in the cabinet above the couch instead of the pantry so the pantry doesn’t fly open when turning.

We have a pull out sofa in the living area so I made up the bed with the sheets and two extra blankets so those don’t take up any more space on board. I stored two other blankets stuffed behind the couch.

We use a large basket for our shoes to be tossed in and we store that behind the drivers chair when we are stationary.

We love family games so we took all the games out of their boxes and put each one in it’s own ziplock bag. That enables us to store them all in a 1/4 of the space! Some needed the 2 quart ziplock bags because of their game boards. We took all the DVD’s out of their cases and store them in a CD zippered case.

The kids each have 2 bins at the end of their bunks to store their stuffed animals, books and toys. The legos have their own plastic box that gets stored under our bed.

We store the laundry basket in the shower stall. We have a tiny foldable ironing board.

We have three cabinets of school supplies and three cabinets of travel books and craft/art supplies.

I rigged up a organizational charging station for our electronic devices. We have several devices because we each need a laptop for work and road schooling. The girls have had iPads that have been passed down to them years ago. We were tired of having wires everywhere and devices not being charged when we needed them. Check out the homemade invention I came up with. Now everything gets put up and plugged into each night. It’s a black plastic basket turned upside down to cover the power surge protector strip and all the wires. The wires are coming out the hand on the side. Then on top it’s and office desk file folder organizer made of mesh metal. The three laptop holders were actually pull outs which doesn’t work when you are driving the RV around so I just secured them with electrical tape. I used think sticky velcro to secure the basket to the counter top and the file organizer to the basket.

Under the rig we have all our tools, beach stuff, golf clubs, 2 inflatable double kayaks, backcountry camping gear, enos, winter snow gear, book bin, cleaning supplies, 2 sleds, 2 boogie boards, 4 pieces of luggage, portable outside grill, bocce ball set, laser tag guns, lax sticks, basketball, camping chairs, outdoor foldable table, ladder, an outdoor rug, portable heater,  box fan, outdoor cooler and a pop up screened in canopy. And our bikes are attached to the back of the RV. Can you believe we fit all this onboard?

Do you have any organizational tips you’d like to share? Comment below.

Or do you have any questions on how we store something, please don’t hesitate to ask.


4 thoughts on “Organizing tips for an RV

  1. Jack Knoppel

    Someone beat you to it.

    On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 11:24 PM, Adams American Adventure wrote:

    > AdamsAmericanAdventure posted: “Tiny living and organizing tricks go hand > and hand. You have to get creative. Over the last 6 months we have moved > things around and finally feel like we like how everything is arranged and > tucked in it’s own special place. We can’t really buy anything n” >


    1. AdamsAmericanAdventure

      Hi Dad, Thanks for looking on Amazon for a simpler solution for the electronic charging station. That wouldn’t work for us because we needed a place for 3 laptops to charge. Each laptop has a really long thick cord with a battery in the middle so I needed a way to hide all of those and the large surge protector, that’s what is under the upside down basket. I also have a multi outlet brick under there that we had previous bought as a charging station for the iPhones and iPads.
      That simple gadget costs $40 and I only spent $20 on the basket and file organizer.
      Maybe I should patent it:)


  2. Karen

    That’s a great way of storing and charging all the necessary electronics gadgets! Necessity is the mother of invention!


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