Eugene, OR

This is how you make lemonade out of lemons… the first week of April was different because of having to move on Monday night from Crater Lake to Eugene to insure Chris had cellular service for work. We had no plans to visit Eugene, OR but on the map it was an ideal spot for stopping in between Crater Lake and Portland.

Eugene ended up to be a genuine gem. We only had 4 full days here and they were cold and rainy but we made the most of it. We stayed at Deerwood RV Park.

University of Oregon

This was our 8th campus visit. We spent some time walking around the campus one afternoon after the rain had cleared. We watched the girls lacrosse team practice, walked  around the football stadium, and got a feel for the campus in the early evening.

Our school locations this week : The Museum of Natural and Cultural History, the Eugene Science Center, The Springfield Public Library, MOD’s pizza (yes it was a working lunch), and Island park.

The Museum of Natural and Cultural History

This museum is on the UO campus and was free with our ASTC membership. We included a stop here as part of our campus tour. It also has free parking if you are visiting the museum, you just get a pass at the registration desk and put it in your car. We were able to leave the Jeep here while we strolled the campus. You could spend more time really studying everything they have to offer but we only had an hour so we felt like we zoomed through it.

The directions in front of a house exhibit said to draw a picture of your house. Abby drew our RV. That will be fun for someone to look back on. We enjoyed learning that aggressiveness of apes is directly related to the symmetry of their skulls; the more asymmetric the more aggressive. The museum had a little bit of everything but we focused on the geology and history of the local area.

Eugene Science Center

It was open 10-4 Tue-Sun and was located right across from the University of Oregon sports fields. We visited this center three times. The admission was also covered under our ASTC travel membership. Two times we used the community room to school and on the third day we showed up to find it was closed to set up for an event the next day. We only stayed 30 minutes, ate our packed lunch at the covered picnic tables outside and then headed to Springfield’s public library. We really enjoyed the brain puzzles.


This quaint town is home to the designer of the cartoon, The Simpsons. There is a mural painted on building wall in their small downtown.


This town is lucky to have such a fantastic library. The children’s area is huge. The next two school days were spent here because it had the resources we needed and lots of space to spread out and exercise our creative juices.

Mod’s pizza

On one of our lunch breaks from the Science Center we found MOD’s pizza. It is a ‘make your own’ fast food pizza joint near campus. It’s similar to a Subway or Moe’s. Their gas-fired pizza oven is 800 degrees so it cooks quickly. It’s pretty cheap as well, only $7 for an 11 inch personal pizza. Yes, that is personal size in our family. We brought Chris back one night for dinner so he could experience it.

We finished reading The Wrinkle in Time so we went to see the movie. We found a theater that had luxury recliner chairs which was nice but we did not enjoy the movie as much as the book.

Mackenzie had to put her hand in the The McKenzie River.


Island Park

On the way to the library one day we stopped at this park to do our math, lunch and recess.

Go Gators!

We backed right up to an RV that housed the coolest people… Gator alumni! The lovely couple is actually from Georgia as well. We hit it off, to bad it was the last day there. We exchanged information and decided to stay in touch. Sonny gave the girls an assignment; he asked them to write an alliteration about Hemingway’s cats and their unique characteristic. Here are their sentences: Mackenzie’s is “Purple polydactyl cats poop purple pineapple while playing ping pong and drinking pina coladas.” Abby wrote “Painted, patient, polydactyl cats are perfect for Papa.”


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