Vancouver, BC CANADA

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13, 2018. We drove up to Vancouver, BC. This was my first visit to Canada. Vancouver might just be the cleanest city I’ve ever seen! And the architecture is marvelous, with so many glass pane buildings. We even drove past a completely glass pool on the outside of a hotel on the 10th floor!







There is an app to look up border crossing times so we did this and found that the times weren’t too bad during the morning hours. On Sunday evening’s the crossing can be backed up for hours because the Canadian’s come across the border to fill up their vehicles with gasoline. The price of gas is around $2 a liter which equates to around $7.57 a gallon!!!







Since Science World was another free entrance because on my passport travel museum membership, we had to visit. This is a great museum. They had many interactive stations throughout and a great Polaroid art exhibit which the girls enjoyed since they are into Polariod camera’s right now.

Tip: Parking is $15- pay inside not at the meters by the parking lot! They will charge you $25-$30. And it’s difficult to get a refund but I was able to with phone calls and emails. I’m just trying to save you the hassle:)






Water Taxi. We had to take the Aqua Taxi (small ferry) across to Greenville Island because it’s the touristy thing to do. We enjoyed watching the canoe racings in the morning before and after our museum visit.






Greenville Island and Public Market. This place is crowded!! We loved seeing all the different fruits and veggies in the market- what an education. We ate lunch in the market and then strolled around.

There is a water fountain playground during the summer but it was closed while we were there.







Stanley Park is a 405-hectare (1,001-acre) public park that borders the downtown of Vancouver. In 2014, Stanley Park was named “top park in the entire world” by TripAdvisor. The park has a long history and was one of the first areas to be explored in the city.

If you visit, you could easily spend a full day or two here. We only had an afternoon. There were several people bike riding but we chose to walk the sea wall. There is a separate lane for bikers so that helps regulate traffic. We loved watching the seaplanes land and the cruise ships sail out of the bay. If you visit, be sure to stop and check out the totem poles. The Aboriginals in Canada are called First Nations.


Heading home through the border crossing, we will back in a week to visit Victoria via our cruise ship.


Georgia on my mind


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