Seattle to Spokane, WA

As soon as we drove over the Cascade mountains there was sun and warmth! YAY!! We are so over the cold rainy Pacific Northwest! It’s June 2nd and this southern girl is ready for summer!!! I appreciate all the beauty that the rain brings but after 3 months of it, I’m ready to move on.

We made two stops on our way to Spokane from Seattle on Hwy 90.

First stop was Snoqualmie Falls. The Limo drive said this was a must see but we ran out of time visiting all there is to see in Seattle so we decided if there was room for the RV to pull in we’d do it on the way out of town. And there was! We first went to the overlook and then hiked down to the bottom. It’s a steep hike back up, but great exercise before a 5 hour road trip. Nothing like starting the day off with a family morning hike! The falls are 268 feet tall. You may recognize these falls from the series Twin Peaks.




The second stop was the Ginkgo Petrified Forest. This was a spontaneous stop that I read about 30 minutes before we came up on it. Francey gave us a book titled On the Road USA before we left that I use on moving days to plan stops along the way. It is organized by major freeways and the stops along the way.

I love trees and especially Petrified ones so I looked on the satellite view and also called to confirm that there would be room to park the rig at Gingko Petrified Forest State Park. Obviously, by the pictures below, there was. We arrived around lunch time so we made our lunch and ate it on the picnic tables before heading into the visitors center. It was Free day at the State Parks in WA so we didn’t have to pay the entrance fee- Bonus! The girls took the time to complete the junior ranger books which led us to find the petroglyphs and learn about some of the animals that live in the area. We also observed the Ginkgo trees (parks namesake) that originated from Japan.

We thought it was so bizarre that this area looked so much like Arizona.



On the road again.

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