Spokane, WA

June 2nd-June 9th, 2018

Spokane was our last stop in Washington. I’m sure you’re thinking, why Spokane, right? Well, we chose this as a stop over point on our way to Montana but it turned out to be so much more. We stayed at North Spokane RV park. It was so nice.

As soon as we checked in, the girls jumped in the pool. It was cold water but they were so excited to be in warm weather and have a pool to swim in. It was a shallow pool, only 4 ft max, but it was still fun.

Across the street from the park is a great diner called Frank’s. Frank Knight, bought the presidential railcar NO 1787 and converted it into a diner car in 1931. They were voted best breakfast and best diner in Spokane. The pancakes and shakes are Yummy!! I loved the meatloaf as well.

Northwest Art and Cultural Museum

I looked up what museum’s were listed on my reciprocity program membership and found a Science and and an Art Museum. I was super excited to find out that the Art Museum had an Origami exhibit. I surprised Mackenzie with this and she was just as excited as I thought she would be. She has really gotten into Origami, even asking for special paper for her birthday. The pieces on display where fascinating. They have to be creative when we don’t have room for toys.

The one common thing among the origami artists is that they all have mathematic minds.

There is only a tiny cafe inside so eat before you come or pack a lunch.

The Campbell House

The Campbell House is next door to the art museum and included in the ticket is a docent lead tour inside the house. Considering it was in the middle of the week, we were lucky and had a private tour at noon. We just missed the large school group tour:) Yes, public school is still in session here. In Washington, there is a law that requires the public schools students to spend one day away from school a year and part of that day has to be outside.

The Campbells were from Ohio and made their money in mining. I’ve never visited a laundry room where on the tour we could use a real old iron, stretch the world socks, and stretch the linens for them to dry the correct size. The Campbells also had a button in each room that connected to an apparatus on the wall near the kitchen that will call the servants where there was a need. Helen Campbell was wed here in the living room in front of the beautiful fireplace.

Next we headed over to the Science Museum after a picnic lunch at a playground park near the art museum. They had a slime making center here! The banking center was different and very educational.

Mobius Science Museum

Next to the Mobius is the Spokane Waterfalls, right in downtown, on the Spokane River. The city of Spokane was also initially named “Spokane Falls”. The Native American name for Spokane means “swift water” . This waterfall is one of the most powerful waterfalls I’ve seen so far.


I have been doing my own hair since October but I really needed a proper hair cut and highlights so I made an appt at a salon across the street near the diner.

We took a lovely family bike ride around neighboorhood near us.

I picked up the new rear Jeep window down the street. Easy Peasy.

The day before we were leaving, Guy Fieri pulled in right in front of our RV spot. He had his whole family here so he’s either filming an episode of  Diners, Drive-ins and Dives  at Franks or an episode of his newest show about road tripping with his family. He was cooking and enjoying his family so I didn’t go over and bother him to ask even though I was so curious. We love his shows!

The girls played tag with their son Ryder. IMG_2008



We got our shop on… warm weather means we need summer clothes.

In with the new….



Out with the old….We donated all our winter clothes and 65 books!


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