Ponce de Leon Lighthouse

The Tallest Lighthouse in Florida and second tallest in America. It stands at 175 feet tall! It was built in 1887 with just bricks and is still standing. We climbed the 203 steps to the top. I highly recommend this destination. We spent 3 hours visiting the museum. We learned so much about the life of a lightkeeper. They  even have a whole science building that had 4 stations on light, lens, prisms, and refraction. So along with history of this Lighthouse and the surrounding Florida area we covered Mackenzie’s 4th grade science standard on light.

The girls both made an A on the test I had prepared for them. They knew about it in advance so they could study about Frensel lens and prep with some history before we arrived but I was able to teach so much more because of the great information provided onsite.



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