Panama City, FL

We made it safely to Panama City, FL. Technically we stayed in a Fountain, FL because it was closer to I-10 and more inland in case Hurricane Nate’s winds and rain reached the coast near Panama City. Instead of just staying one night here we will stay until Tuesday before heading to Biloxi, MS.

We arrived in Fountain, Saturday the afternoon of the 7th, and stayed at a park right off of HWY 231. We set up and turned the Gator game on. The girls and I headed out at half time to go to a 60th birthday party with my mom and step dad. It was held after hours at The Science and Discovery Museum in Panama City. The girls were in heaven because they were the only children so they had the whole museum to explore by themselves.  It is a great museum if you are ever in the area you should check it out.

The storm from Hurricane Nate (made landfill in Biloxi, MS where we were suppose to be Sunday) came through Saturday night. It was windy and rainy but not to bad.


My mom, stepdad and grandmother had not seen the RV yet so they drove out to the park and had dinner in the RV on Sunday. We were able to host the 7 of us inside for dinner comfortably. It was nice to just sit and chat.


Monday was a great day to catch up on school work and errands. A big shout out to Grease Pro in Panama City for great service on the Jeep. She’s like new; oil change, tires rotated and cleaned. It was nice to be ‘back home’ for a few days. Chris and I both went to high school in Panama City, FL- that’s were we met:) The girls and I had fun shopping and going out to lunch with my mom and grandmother.





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